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Developing a new music score editor in Python

In actuality, the project grew beyond my dissatisfaction with all these existing programs. As a composer, I feel from other software is usually uncomfortable. Even python programmers, the most user-friendly of them all. Maybe the reaction to my efforts is a little more comfortable to utilize.

But the problem is which the scope of the project is really daunting. I have a huge bunch of features I need to implement before our solution can compete. I estimate the complete project will get 18 man-months before it is usually useful to everyone. It is This summer already and I have already been able to develop this project intended for only 2 man-months, so there are 16 to go. When I think this through, I feel I'm a little insane for even getting started it. If I give up, I will include wasted X months of my life and nobody will ever experienced any use for any of it.

Each of these kind of programs has their very own set of issues. Finale used by django freelancer is strong but unfriendly, it couldn’t provide for composition. Encore is lifeless, some of its bugs will not be fixed. Overture, its successor, also hasn’t noticed a release in years. Sibelius is effective and user-friendly nevertheless recently they fired the full development team, so I consider it to be perishing too.

After 2 man-months involving work, what do I've? My program flows scores created in other programs inside the MusicXML interchange structure and puts the score in memory. (Representing music within the computer memory positions intimidating problems independently. ) It also shows a subset with the music symbols within the screen. You can move in and available, you can cycle via a few color themes and you'll change the title on the piece. Undo and redo are actually implemented and there’s some sort of neat framework that'll be used for just about every user command.

Notion is the new kid in your area, it has the most effective python freelancer features but the worst notation abilities (you can’t even copy and stick one voice in isolation through the other voices). Notion is also maddening to use because anything you choose to do requires a mouse click. The only open up source solution value mentioning, MuseScore, has quite a number of bugs, mediocre playback features and bad spacing issues (collisions transpire between staves along with the user needs to insert a “spacer” object, this is this kind of bad idea)!

Many keyboard shortcuts are planned and slipped into a configuration file so the user can change any kind of them if your woman wishes to. A music cursor already exists that moves through all notes within the piece. But you nevertheless cannot add, change or delete one particular note. And there is indeed much still not shown on the screen.

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